Insights: Fashion at Every Size by Patricia Morgado


I have a special dream that fashion stores would cater to bodies of every size. Not a different collection, but simply bigger numbers on the racks.   Of course we have excellent plus size brands and they have been taking care of plus size women beautifully, and they would still exist in my dream world. But wouldn’t it be awesome if we could enter at any department store and find pieces in our size?

Some might say that the plus size body is different and wouldn’t fit nicely into the (regular) designs. I beg to disagree.

Yes, I think different bodies will fit clothes differently. But it doesn’t mean that they’re going to be less beautiful.

I have some evidence that this is possible. Plus size stylist, model and fashion consultant Débora Fernandes designed the same clothes from extra-small to extra-large. In a memorable fashion show called “Fashion is for Every Woman” she showed that fashion can indeed be for all of us.

Below are some shots of the event.