Debunking Fashion Taboos: Love Your Stripes by Patricia Morgado

Stripes Are a Plus!

You may have heard that plus-size women are not supposed to wear stripes. Well, actually they are “allowed” if the stripes are vertical. That basically means that if you’re fat or curvy you can only wear stripes that adhere to certain “rules.”

But the thing is, stripes, whether vertical or horizontal, are fabulous, and you should  wear them whenever and however you like! Not only are you free to wear whatever you want, but stripes really do look good on all kinds of bodies!

What Science Has to Say About It

Science? Yes, science. Peter Thompson of the University of York conducted research on the so-called “slimming effects” of wearing vertical stripes in 2008. According to an article in the Daily Telegraph:

“He asked people to compare more than 200 pairs of pictures of women wearing horizontally and vertically striped dresses. He then asked them to say, in each case, which of the two they thought was fatter. His experiment revealed that when the two women were the same size, the one wearing the horizontal-striped dress appeared to people to be the thinner of the two. And to make the women appear to be the same size, the one wearing the horizontal stripes had to be six per cent wider.” Dr Peter then concluded, “Horizontal stripes don’t make you look fat. The one wearing the vertical stripes looks wider than the one wearing the horizontal stripes.“Horizontal stripes, if anything, make you look thinner.”