Destroying the Fat Fashion Taboo of Wearing White by Patricia Morgado

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Falling in Love with White

Until recently I had all kinds of assumptions about wearing white clothes. I used to believe that it was a “summer” color and that it was reserved for occasions like weddings (when you’re the bride) and New Year’s Eve (in Brazil we have this tradition of wearing white on December 31st because it represents peace).

And, of course, as a plus-size woman, I had other forms of prejudice against white such as, “white will make me look bigger,” “white is too transparent, it will make my cellulite more visible,” “white is a big NO for plus-size people in general” and other “truths’” hanging around my head.

I would only wear white shirts (T-Shirts and button downs) and occasionally, once a year, a white dress on New Year’s Eve.

But I started to feel really attracted to white pants, white dresses, and white skirts, and I found out that there’s much more white available than shirts for a plus-size woman.

Thanks to FATshion blogs I’ve seen wonderful white outfits, and they’ve made me fall in love with white, helping me extricate myself from these erroneous “rules” of plus-size dressing with white.

Why White?

Well, first, it’s a very versatile color and it’s also very stylish. White is very basic, and even when you combine it with another color you’ll still look good. White outfits can be simple and comfortable or elegant and stunning; you can go to work, the beach, lunch or to a party wearing white.

Another nice feature of white is that you can wear a white outfit and spice spice it up entirely with colorful accessories. You’ll be able to create styles that range from romantic to really modern and urban.

Take some time to explore different fabrics and textures in white. Clothes made from white lace, for example, are a great way to wear the color. Valerie de Pever, from last’s week interview does that beautifully.