Living Big: An Interview with Charlotte Doul from Sugar and Spice by Patricia Morgado

I’m very happy to bring you a brand new interview with the lovely Charlotte Doul from the blog Sugar and Spice. She might look familiar because last week I posted a picture of her wearing some gorgeous light pink glitter flats on the glitter shoes post.

Charlotte has a sweet and ladylike way of getting dressed. She uses lots of dresses, skirts, flowers, pastel colors, pink, delicate and cute accessories, ballerina flats and cardigans (usually in candy colors) and bows. I love her style and she’s a huge inspiration, not only because of her style but for who she is.

She’s 20 years old and lives in Hertfordshire, England. She defines herself as a “keen artist, lover of animals & obsessed with clothes”. She says: ” My interest in fashion has grown since I started the blog. I used to not be that bothered about what I wore (looking back, what was I thinking?), but I think that’s a pretty common thing for plus size women. Not knowing what to wear and what not to wear because society says that nothing will look good on our fat frames. Well, they’re wrong and I was, too. We can look fashionable and beautiful in clothes! My aim is to show that to others, even If I prove to one person that they can look great, I’ll be happy… My style has evolved since I’ve had this blog, I started off quite reserved but have “blossomed” into prettier outfits and have pushed my boundaries. Having this space to share with everyone is wonderful and has built up my confidence immensly, so if anyone’s thinking about blogging I would definitely recommend it!”