Living Big: Not Photoshopped Campaign by Patricia Morgado



On July 11, 2012 thirty fashion bloggers posted their outfits of the day (OOTD) wearing the same shirt on which was written: “NOT PHOTOSHOPPED.”

Some of the 28 bloggers were influential plus-size bloggers.

The campaign was organized by a company called “Feel more better” whose mission reads:

We want to make the world a happier place. To us, that means making the people in it happier – and we’re starting with women (and girls). That’s it in a nutshell. We’re starting here because we think it’s hard growing up a girl, and hard becoming a truly, madly, deeply happy woman in today’s world. We think being happier means figuring out what’s getting in the way of being happier now – and a lot can. Expectations, social messages, norms, standards, ideals, inhibitions, sacrifices, insecurities, stress, magazine covers, mean people, traffic…there are a lot of buzzkills out there that wind up hating on happy.