I Really Want to Make a Difference by Pastor Brad

I was just sitting here thinking, “Man, the FA movement is so misunderstood by those who are on the outside.” I mean, if you’ve never been over-weight or fat, it’s so easy for you to assume that all fat people got that way because they’re undisciplined pigs. I get it. You see, My family’s genetic make up is such that NONE of my family were over-weight as young people, but MOST of them were by the time they were forty. So, I remember how I viewed fat people in my twenties. I wasn’t very sympathetic. I stereotyped and stigmatized fat people with the best of them. I’ve been on both sides of this issue, so I can speak from experience.

I didn’t become fat because I was undisciplined or lazy, or because I ate more than the skinny crowd. I was just blessed with a genetic blueprint that guided my body to hold on to more off what I ate (pack on the pounds) as I reached middle age. The phrase middle-age spread applies very well here. All of a sudden, the eating habits I had in my twenties that never caused me to gain weight, as I moved through my thirties, started to plump me up. The closer I got to middle age, the broader my mid-section became.

Oh, I could diet with the best of them. I could drop twenty pounds in a spring and look great for summer! But as time went on the weight swings got bigger and harder to manage. At twenty-five, I could cut back some on calories, do a little exercise and drop pounds—no problem. But within a year or two it would all be back – -with some new friends. Each cycle the challenge became a little bigger as the weight swings grew larger.