Monthly Archive: May, 2012

Inspirations: Spring Collections Round-Up 2012, part 2 by Patricia Morgado

Dressed Up in Love I love dresses and having the opportunity to wear them is so great. They can suit every mood and style and the same piece can be dramatically changed just… Continue reading

How To “Breakup” With Dieting In 5 Easy Steps by Golda Poretsky, H.H.C.

Stopping dieting is a lot like breaking up with an actual person. When you’ve dieted, your dreams of how your life will look are a lot like your dreams of what your life… Continue reading

Inspirations: Spring Collections Round-Up 2012, part 1 by Patricia Morgado

Last year when Spring began I’ve did some window (more like computer screen) shopping to pick up some items that Iike to post here. Today I’m doing the same thing! I can’t believe… Continue reading

Living Big: Interview with Curvy Girl Chic by Patricia Morgado

It’s been a while since I’ve posted an interview with my favorite FATshion bloggers. But don’t worry, because I’ve been working on a great round of great interviews that I’ll publish along the… Continue reading

Accessorizing: Playing With a Black Dress by Patricia Morgado

Why Do I love accessories? I know that I’ve already posted an article about using the same outfit with different accessories. Guess what? Here I come again! Last time I used the same… Continue reading