Running for Beginners, pt. 1 by Sue Bary, Certified Health Coach



Starting a new running habit can feel very overwhelming to a beginner runner.  If you’re feeling intimidated or nervous about getting started with running, don’t worry, that’s completely normal. Instead of starting your running habit willy nilly, it’s helpful to learn some basic information about running.

Getting Started Before you even take your first steps, there are some important basics you should know and the first one is…

Get Medical Clearance If you’re new to running, getting a physical exam from your doctor should be a bigger priority than choosing a good pair of running shoes. A visit with your doctor is especially critical if any of these issues apply: – You’ve been sedentary for a year or more. – You don’t currently do physical activity and are over age 65. – You have been diagnosed with heart trouble. – You’re pregnant. – You’re a current or former smoker. – You have high blood pressure. – You have diabetes. – You have a family history of heart disease. – You have chest pain, especially when exerting yourself. – You often feel faint or have severe dizzy spells. – You have another medical condition.