I take the pressure off by setting realistic expectations for myself and others. by Michal Spiegelman


Often we have an idea of what our life should look like. Yes, thinking big and having a vision is essential in the process of creating the life you want, but if taken too far, you might end up in a dream world with unrealistic expectations.

You also expect others to act according to your plan. But they don’t know that, and even if they do – can you really control others?

They have their own agenda just like you. For example, you might expect your partner to behave in a certain way: to always clean after themselves, to smile and hug you, to surprise you, to buy you a big gift for your birthday. They are not perfect. No one is.

You also expect a lot from yourself. Especially if you are an over achiever, like many of us are, you get caught in this “marathon” feeling of moving forward, pushing harder, having more success, producing more. Before you know it, your expectations for yourself are as high as the sky and you end up being disappointed.