Living Fit Part 1

Living Fit

Were giving you 8 reasons to start living fit and get walking.

1. You’ll get fitter

2. You’ll lose weight

3. It’s simple

4. It’s sociable

5. You’ll be less stressed

6. It’s flexible

7. Everyone can do it

                                                                                       8. You will develop exceptional muscle tone

Each day we are going to give you a helpful tip to get you started on Living Fit.Let’s start with No. 1 “You’ll get fitter”.  Walking is a great Cardiovascular activity, requiring only 30mins 3times a week to obtain a good level of cardiovascular fitness. Numerous studies have shown that walking regularly ca result in significant reduction of so-called heart risk factors, such as High Blood Pressure and High cholesterol. Surely you have 90 minutes a week to spare? Your heart will thank you for it

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